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Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions for Renting La Casa Siglo VIII (The 8th Century House)

1. General 

The following terms apply whilst booking directly with La Casa Siglo VIII. 

2. Booking and agreements 

2.1 The holiday home shall be booked on our website or directly by phone or email. A confirmation of the booking will be sent immediately via e-mail. The booking confirmation and invoice is also available by email. 

2.2 The Customer/person booking should carefully verify that the information in the booking confirmation and invoice are correct. Any differences cannot be changed once the deposit has been paid confirming a firm booking of the property. 

2.3 If the booking deposit or final payment is not made before the due date we have the right to cancel the booking and any deposit will be forfeited. 

2.4 We try as far as possible fulfil special requests. Please note that special requests can only be considered as binding if they are confirmed in writing by us. 

3. Service / prices 

3.1.1 Prices are for the entire holiday accommodation which sleeps four (not priced per person) and is for the agreed booking period. It includes the right for the specified number of persons booked, to occupy the residence.  It is not permitted to bring more guests than on the booking without the strict prior permission of the owners. We reserve the right to immediately terminate the booking should more people than is booked be found on the premises. 

3.1.2  Rental period is generally for a minimum of 3 nights. For full week bookings arrival and departure is usually on a Saturday. Outside of the holiday season (May to October is a shorter lease term and flexible arrival days are often possible. 

3.2  We cannot guarantee that all the mentioned services or features (eg public transport, shops, restaurants, etc.) are available during the rental period. An activity may be closed or cancelled, especially outside the holiday season this is always possible. We have no control over external circumstances. 

3.3 Terms of Payment 

The booking fee is 50% of the full rental amount and payable within 48 hours of booking. If this amount is not received then the booking is no longer available. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 28 days before the first day of the booking takes effect. If the booking is made when there is less than 28 days of access, the entire sum must be paid.  Without full payment there will be no access to the property. 

3.4 Cancellation Costs 

a) if the cancellation is made more than 28 days before the booking commences there will be a charge of 10% of the booking fee and all other monies will be refunded. 
b) if cancellation is made less than 28 days but more than 14 days before the booking there is a charge 50% of the booking. 

c) if a cancellation is made 14 days or less before the booking comes into force, there is no refund and all payments will be forfeited. 

Cancellation must be in writing to be considered valid. The cancellation is recorded as the date on which the message is received. Cancellation sent by email after business hours counts as registered on the following working day. If the rented property is re rented the customer has no right to recover any money. . 

We advise that the customer takes travel insurance. 

3.5 Price changes 
The price paid when booked is the final price and is not subject to any price increases made after the booking was made.  The Customer is notified of any changes at the time of booking and it is unlikely, but not impossible, that changes in the property description arises. In the case of a major change, the customer has the right, within five days after he has received the information, to cancel at no extra cost and any fees paid shall be reimbursed.  

4. Arrival and departure: 

Access and arrival time: access to the property is at the earliest 3.00pn 
Departure is no later than 11.00am 
It is important to take this into consideration when flights are booked with the late arrival. Eg if your flight lands 11.55pm on July 5, the property must be booked from July 5 for admission upon your arrival as on the 6th the access time is 3pm. 

5. Number of people 

The number of people (including children) as stated when booked must not be exceeded. We have the right to deny access or charge extra for persons in addition to the number specified in the lease, unless you have agreed to them in advance. Please see 3.1.1 above. 

6. Tenant’s obligations 

6.1 Deposit 
When the booked customer arrives a cash deposit of 250 Euros is payable. If the deposit is not paid, access to the rented property is denied. This will be fully refunded if the property is returned in the same condition. 

6.2 Duty of care 
The tenant is responsible for the property during their stay. Any house rules must be followed and that consideration should be shown to the surroundings. 

6.3 Cleaning of kitchen 
The customer is responsible for the kitchen including ensuring tableware and cutlery and washed and rubbish removed. 

6.4 Damage to the rented property 
If any member of the booking causes damage they must informed the owner immediately in order for replacements/maintenace to be carried out prior to the next guests. The booking person is responsible for the damage he / she or fellow passengers causes. The same applies if the property can not be leased to the next tenant. All damages are offset against the250 deposit. 

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